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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fairy City In Modern Society

Sometimes the concept is just an excuse to do a drawing.
This is my piece from the last assignment of this week, the concept- Fairy City.

This week we came back from the Christmas holiday straight into intensive week of Design 2, with Lawrence Marvit.
Sometimes you get skills slowly step-by-step, and sometimes you just get stuck and suddenly it just hits you- this week was like that.
I was limited by my rendering skills, until the very last moment when everything got into place. This week will be remembered as a turn point for me into the world of environment painting. Yes the stuff around the character are important.
Thanks bad-ass teacher and awesome classmates.
I had a great time this week and I will defiantly continue with concept art.

"Make me a drawing that I would wanna watch the fucking movie"- Lawrence Marvit.

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